Other Insurance Products

Commercial Properties

Building and Personal Property Coverage:

  • Coverage for your building structures and business personal property listed on your declarations. You have the option to insure all buildings or business personal property or just what you want coverage on.

Commercial General Liability Coverage:

  • Liability Coverage that is available for the premises only or your commercial operations.

Rental Properties

Property coverage for a one to four family residence used for private residential purposes located in town or in the country.

Residence Program Offerings:

  • Replacement Cost
  • Modified Replacement Cost
  • Actual Cash Value
Others Insurance

Unsupported Seasonal Properties

Property coverage for a seasonal or secondary one family residence used for private residential purposes when the insured does not have any other business with the company. Programs may include Related Private Structures, Personal Property, Additional Living Expenses, and Premises Liability coverage.

Standard Properties

Property and Liability coverage for risks that do not meet the requirements for other McMillan Warner Property Programs (subject to limited perils coverage and a maximum limits requirement).